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FAB9 makerspace


FAB9 makerspace, 2018. 

Collaboration with Therefore

FAB9 is rethinking traditional workshops and contemporary makerspaces to create a new kind of creation space. A space that is easily accessible and inclusive providing access to advanced manufacturing and making equipment as well as a community of experienced makers and innovators.

Housed in a heritage building which forms part of the Barnet Glass Rubber Factory in Footscray, FAB9 uses openness, transparency and flexibility to create a workshop that focuses on visibility of equipment and between making areas encouraging collaboration and learning between members. Bespoke elements have been developed that respond to the key requirements of users and can be manufactured using the equipment on site. A robust material pallet has been employed throughout that rethinks the use of typical industrial elements to create an inspiring and imaginative space. At its core FAB9 provides hands on access to cutting edge making equipment and it is therefore designed for future expansion in line with new technologies.